Although we really hate to admit it, sometimes we get so mad at something our dog has done that we do something that makes our dog afraid of us.  It might be yelling in a loud voice, hitting them on the head, throwing something at them, or locking them outside in the back yard.

Life happens and we all make mistakes.  As human family members, when we get mad at another family member, we normally apologize and move on.  All is normally forgiven and live continues.  Unfortunately, that is normally not the case with our dogs.

Our dogs strongly rely on us as their protectors, care givers, and leaders.  When we do something that breaks that perception, their world is completely turned on it’s head.  We need to know how we can reestablish the relationship so that our dog trusts us again.

Robin and I have a great dog training article that easily explains what you can do to have your dog happy with you again.  Yes, you were a dummy. But you can fix that and your dog will be fine.  Please take a look at our article titled “What Can I Do If My Dog is Afraid of Me”.  Your dog is waiting…

If you make your dog afraid of you, it is important to regain his trust as quickly as possible