Have you ever noticed that the more your dog bugs you and the more you get mad, the crazier your dog gets and the more you get mad?  This happens to many dog owners every day and it always seems that their solution is to just become angrier at their dog!

As Einstein mused many years ago, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is a clear sign of insanity.  Well, all dog owners can’t be insane, we just don’t understand the ground rules.

We (humans) have general and universal guidelines of how things should work.  If we want to communicate with someone, we normally talk with them.  As long as everything is fine and dandy, we normally don’t have to have a predetermined leader for a group.  We can all get along just fine on our own recognizance.

We go through our day with concepts such as these and everything is fine.  Now, our dog starts to bug us and get a little crazy.  Sometimes we respond to his actions by positively responding to his direction. Sometimes his actions start to become inappropriate, and we let him know he should stop by talking loudly, yelling, or even chasing him.

This normally makes our mildly crazy dog into a completely crazy dog.  What happened?   Why is my dog so crazy?  The answer to this question should be redirected back to ourselves.  What did we do to make our dog crazy?

Robin and I have a great dog training article that explains what happened and what you can do to keep your dog calm and respectful. No more crazy dog!  Please read our dog training blog titled “Why Is My Dog Crazy?”.

Why Is My Dog So Crazy