Robin and I have always been big fans of using dog crates for our dogs.  We currently have five dogs and effectively use crates for each of them.  We were recently at a dog charity event and had the opportunity to talk to a new dog owner who is having a problem in getting his dog ready for travel.  Guess what?  The dog crate is the perfect answer.

We are always stressing the need to keep your dog safe and to create a warm and nurturing environment for him at home.  You have read our articles in the past about how the dog crate can help your dog at home.  Well, the dog crate is also great for traveling and at your travel destination.

We have a great article on “Why Dog Crates on Trips Are a Great Idea” that will explain all of this. We review the instructions for making the crate great at home as well as expand our discussion to your destination and the trip.  Take it from us, it really makes things great for you and your dog.  Please check out the article today and have a great trip.

Traveling in Georgia with your dog is great if you use a dog crate for the trip