Many of us have crates for our dogs.  They are great because they can create a place of security and a place where they can really feel safe.  It can be a constant in their life that, when everything else is going nuts, they can go and simply call a time out on everything else.

The problem arises when they start to do bad things in their crate.  One of the most common “bad” things dogs do in their crate is to destroy the dog bed we have put in there for them.  Destroying their bed is obviously something we don’t want them to do.

Our issue is how to correct this bad behavior when it is being done in their “sanctuary” and it is normally an action we almost never observe.  We normally walk into the room after being away or first thing in the morning and find our dog in the crate with a destroyed bed.  Normally, our solution is to simply go to the pet store and get another bed.  Well, how is that working?  Right!

Robin and I have a great dog training article that explains “When Your Dog Destroys the Bed in his Crate”.  Chances are, you are dealing with this inappropriate behavior in the wrong way.  Read our article and learn what to do. You will be glad you did.

Fix the problem of when your dog destroys the bed in his crate