Many of us have absolutely the best intentions when we bring a dog into our family.  It might be our first dog or we haven’t had a dog for a long time and want to experience the love and happiness we had with a dog in the past.  Things may start out wonderfully and we had assumed that the entire family was on board with bringing a dog into the home.

Then, things start to go not so well.  We may have overestimated how many hours we would be out of the house at work or on trips.  Our kids’ extracurricular activities increase, and they are spending more and more time out of the house.  Some family members who thought they would love having a dog around come to the realization that they really aren’t the “dog person” they thought they were.

All these are natural, “life happens” situations that just happen.  The problem is that your new dog doesn’t understand what is going on and may often act out for attention and belonging.  This acting out will often make matters worse for him and the rest of the family.

Many times, family members will try and make the relationship between their new dog and their lifestyle work.  Sometimes they can work things out, and sometimes, they can’t.  Robin and I have a great dog training article that helps explain all this and give you some “tough love” answers that will be the best for both you and your dog.  Please check out our article on “When There Isn’t Time for Your Dog” to answer all your questions.

When you don't have time for your dog