Before we ask ourselves what we should teach our dog, we should first ask ourselves why we are teaching our dog.  Robin and I often get a blank stare from our clients when we ask them that question.

Why am I teaching my dog?  Well, you know, they should know how to come and stay and sit.  They should be able to go to their crate and stay in the yard and not steal stuff off the table…

That is all fine and dandy, but I still want to ask you, why are you teaching your dog?  The answer is that you want a great dog.  You want a dog that fits into your family life.  You want a dog that does the important stuff when you ask.  You just want a great dog.

So, what if your dog doesn’t stay when you tell him?  Does that make him a bad dog even though you love him and he never does anything that bothers you?  Interesting questions; aren’t they!

Having a great dog and teaching him to be a great dog is very personal and takes some careful thinking from the dog owner and the entire family.  Once you have come to this realization, you have only begun your journey.

You must also consider what you don’t want to inadvertently teach your dog.  What are behaviors you want to modify and actions you want to amplify?  Why are those things important to you?

So many questions.  Luckily, Robin and I have the answers. Please check out our dog training article titled “What Should I Teach My Dog”.

What should you train your dog