We love our dogs and the quality of life we can enjoy when we have happy and healthy dogs as part of our family.  We go out of our way to spend time with them, often more time than we normally spend with our“human” family members.

We research the best and most nutritious food for them and make sure that they are always taken to the Vet for their shots and check-ups. We protect our dogs when they are out and about with us and personally take afront the moment anyone says anything bad about them.

We do everything we can to assure that they live a wonderful and blessed life.  Many times we will even go without essentials for ourselves to make sure they are safe and healthy.  With all this said, why would we leave that big bowl of guacamole dip on the coffee table after watching the Sunday game?  This stuff could make them very sick, or even worse.

Robin and I are constantly teaching (preaching to) our clients that they must always be looking at the world through their dog’s eyes and understand the environment around them to keep their dogs safe and healthy.  We just finished watching the game, had a lot of good food (including the nachos that we covered with guacamole), and our favorite team won the big game.  All is well in our universe.

When we got up from the sofa, we thought to ourselves, “I’ll clean up a little later”.  No big deal, all will be fine; in our universe.  We forget that guacamole can be poisonous to dogs and ours may just lick the bowl if we leave it within his reach.

We forget that there are good things in our world that can be bad things in our dog’s world.  We forget because we may not know, or we were just too distracted with some other human matter.  As loving and responsible dog owners, it is our responsibility to protect our dogs.  We must always be aware of what is safe and harmful in the environment we share with them.

The ingestion of poisons, other harmful chemicals, and some plants are major reasons for our dogs’ sicknesses and deaths.  We need to identify these items and the warning signs of our dogs’ consumption of them.  Robin and I have a great dog safety article that explains all of this.  Please read our dog training article titled “What Should I Know About My Dog and Poisons”.

Dog Poisons