As parents, we always want to feed out children healthy and nutritious meals.  This can be really hard because most things that our kids love and taste good to them always seem to be unhealthy and won’t necessarily deliver the nutrients they need to grow and stay healthy.

That is why we (hopefully) aren’t constantly stopping at Taco Bell or McDonalds to pick up their meals.  We know that we need to feed them healthy food and we also know that this is not easy.  Why eat lima beans when you want a happy meal?  We know that our hard work of making them eat well will pay off in having our kids grow up to be healthy and happy.

Serving good food is hard work but will create great, long term results.  This is our job as our kids’ parents.  But, what about our dogs?

Just as our kids are animals (sometimes more that we would like); our dogs are also animals.  Our dogs need to eat and process food just as our kids.  If we understand that our kids need healthy meals to thrive, why would we think any differently when it comes to our dogs?

Well, of course our dogs need healthy food.  We love our dogs and would only want to give them meals that will allow them to be happy and live a long and wonderful life.

The problem now arises because we “assume” that we are providing our dogs a healthy diet.  The commercial on TV said that the food was excellent.  The picture on the front of the bag looked really nice.  That was the food you  had always fed your dog.

The truth is that many of us have no idea what good dog food really is.  Although “canine nutrition” is a complicated subject, Robin and I have written a great article that provides some simple guidelines when coming to picking a healthy food for your dog. Please take a look at our article titled “What Should I Feed My Dog?”

Learn what to feed your dog