Back in my day, and that day is a pretty long time ago, the first indication of your personal freedom was when you got your first bicycle.  That meant you could then go see your friends who lived more than a block or two away.  You could also play longer before dinner because the bike could get you home really, really fast.

Having a bike was great!  We learned about watching out for cars and to be careful when people were walking on the sidewalks and that we should keep both hands on the handlebars.  If we had a ten-speed bike, we also learned (normally the hard way) which break handle to squeeze first so that we could safely stop.

Then, came that fateful day that most of us still remember.  The day when we were happily riding our bicycle to our friend’s house and a neighbor dog comes out from behind their house.  He is running straight for us and barking like we did something wrong.  We had no idea what was going on because we were just riding our bike.  That dog never came after us when we were just walking by.

Well, he gets up to us and starts nipping.  We try and go faster, and he finds more “doggie energy” to go faster too.  We try to turn left and right and he follows barking and trying to nip..

To this day, we really don’t have a great solution for these crazy dogs.  Don’t worry, Robin and I can help.  We have a great dog training article that explains why the dog is chasing us and then gives multiple solutions to keep us safe and “unbitten”.  Please take a moment to check out our dog training article titled “What Should I Do If a Dog Chases Me on My Bike”.

Stop Dogs Chasing You When On a Bike