Most dog owners put very little, if any, thought into the leash that they buy for their dog.  The leash that they use on the seventy-five-pound, two-year-old Labrador Retriever that they just rescued from the Humane Society might have been an extra leash from a neighbor’s toy poodle.  It wasn’t very long and was very flimsy, but it had a clasp and a handle, so “it must be fine”.

Most dog owners think of “a leash” as the object they keep in the drawer by the front door and use every once in a while, if they want to walk their dog.  They never even consider the question “Is it the right leash?”.  If they were ever asked this question, I am sure that they would simply look back at you with a blank, bewildered stare.

We often put a lot of thought into our dog’s collar to make sure it is the right size. We make sure that it isn’t too tight because it may hinder our dog’s breathing. We also make sure that it isn’t too big or it may slip off.

We even may decide that a collar isn’t right for our dog and get him a harness instead.  With all this, we haven’t even started to address the color for our dog’s leash.  All this brain power for the collar but almost none for the leash…

The leash is critical in your dog’s training program, his overall safety, and your relationship with your dog. Robin and I have a great blog that explains this and helps you pick out the correct leash.  Please read our dog training article titled “What Kind of Leash Should I Use for my Dog”.

Pick the right leash for your dog