I don’t know about you, but one of the things I love about having all of our dogs is letting them go crazy and play in the back yard.  Most of our back yard is wooded and they love to run and jump like they are wolves.

Crazy play is fine to a point and if it is still controlled by you.  If you “allow them” to have crazy time, that also means that they understand that they are still under your control.  If you want your dog to stop being crazy, calm down, and obey your commands; your dog should naturally understand that he must.

So what happens when your dog (or dogs) are crazy, crazy, crazy; and you can’t regain their control?

As with any problem, the key is to retrace your steps to a point where you were in charge and use that as your teaching moment.  That was the point you were in control and something you did or didn’t do caused that control to transfer from you to your dog.

Robin and I have a great dog training article that will naturally tell your dog that you are in control when he is in the back yard.  It is based on conditioning before you go outside and consistent reinforcement when you are outside.  Please take a moment to read our dog training article titled “What Can I Do When My Dogs Are Nuts in the Back Yard.”

What to do when your dogs are nuts in the back yard