Valentine’s Day is a special moment where we acknowledge our relationship with those we love and those that are near and dear to us.  We do this with our husbands, wives, children, relatives, and close friends.  We do these with all these people who are close to us, but we leave out one, very important relationship.

Who is the one individual that gives us unquestionable love every moment of our lives?  Who is the one who is always happy to see us and always willing to spend time with us, even though we may not be very good company at the time?  I hope you answered, “My dog”.

More than anyone else, our dogs need constant affirmation of our relationship and a strengthening of our bond.  That, more than anything else, allows them to feel that their world is safe and we are the most important part of that process.

No, I am not suggesting that you don’t make the dinner reservations at that fancy restaurant or cancel the delivery of roses to your “human Valentine”.  I am simply suggesting that you don’t forget your favorite canine Valentine this year.

Like most important and meaningful things, you don’t have to go nuts when acknowledging your canine Valentine.  You just need to spend some quality, special time acknowledging your unique relationship and continuing bond.  Robin and I have an entire list of things you can do with your special pooch.  They range from simple and short to not so simple and not so short.  Please read our blog training article titled “What Can I Do for My Dog on Valentine’s Day”.

Valentine's Day with your dog