There is a point in our dog’s life where they aren’t puppies but don’t have all the characteristics of adult dogs.  For want of a better term, we often call them mature puppies.  If they were our kids, this is the period when they are “tweens”.  They are starting to get big, but they often still think like little kids.  This is never a good time for us as human parents or dog owners.

When our puppies are eight or nine months, they look like “almost full-sized dogs”, but often have the energy and temperament of cute little puppies.  This is because all they have really known for their “with human mommies and daddies” lives were happy times and “well, what would you like to do now”.

All the cute things that they could get away with because they were only a few pounds of fur and kisses aren’t as cute any more now that they are fifty, sixty, or seventy pounds.  As dog owners, we need to step up to the plate to address and correct these issues.

We probably started early in teaching our puppy “sit” and “come”.  These were fun things to do and it was so cute when they did them for us.  We didn’t care that our cute love bugs jumped on us for a pat or bashfully stole our slippers. Now we do.

Robin and I have a great dog training article that addresses this. Please read our dog training article titled “What Can I Do About My Dog Chewing, Being Crazy, and Destructive.”

Stop your dog from chewing