Christmas… If you are old, like me, you will remember that Andy Williams told us that “it is the most wonderful time of the year”. And you know what? It normally is a magical time of friends, family, and good times.

By now we have been preparing our Christmas plans for weeks or even months.  The tree is up, the lights are strung outside, and the refrigerator and freezer are filled with turkey, fixin’s, and all the other Holiday goodies.  Our out-of-town relatives are packing and getting ready to fill our guest rooms and UPS has been leaving “Christmas Surprises” at our front door for the last several weeks.

Christmas is just a few days away and it feels like all we have to do now is pour the Eggnog. But still, there is something going on in the back of our heads that is telling us that we have missed something.

We then notice our doggie. Is he ready? He is a dog, why does he need to “get ready”?  We have plenty of dog food while the stores are closed over the Holidays. We bought him some toys from the pet store. What else?

Well, there is a good amount of “What else”.  It is our responsibility to keep our doggie safe and happy during Christmas in the same manner that we are preparing to keep our family and guests safe and happy.  Our doggies have special requirements that we need to address.  Robin and I have a great dog training article that explains all of this. Please take a moment and read our article titled “What are Some Last Minute Tips to Keep My Dog Safe for Christmas”.

Some Last Minute Tips to Keep your Dog Safe Suring Christmas