All of our holidays, in one way or another, include gatherings with family, friends, or sometimes strangers.  We go to church on Christmas, gather in the parks to watch the 4th of July fireworks, come together around the dinner table on Thanksgiving, or gather on our city sidewalks to watch the Memorial Day parades.

Valentine’s Day is no different than all the others.  On Valentine’s Day, we normally go out to dinner with our “special other”.  On all these different, special days, we join together.

There is an old saying that goes somewhat like “We live in interesting times”.  These recent “interesting times” have caused us to change many of the norms of daily life and the things we naturally do.  Our plans and activities for Valentine’s Day this year will probably be far different than what we did last year, or the year before.

Although our physical actions and possible locations may need to change for this year’s Valentine’s Day, the reasons why we celebrate do not need to change. Not a bit. That is true if we are celebrating with humans or dogs.

Valentine’s Day is a time of remembering and celebrating our relationships.  We can still celebrate our relationship with our dog, even in these trying times. Robin and I have a great dog training article that gives you suggestions on how to spend Valentine’s Day with your dog. Please take a look at our blog titled “What Are Some Great Valentine’s Day Tips for Me and My Dog.”

Great Valentine's Day Tips