The use of crates has always been a very large point of contention among many dog owners.  Some dog owners swear that crates are great and that their dogs love their crates.  Other dog owners are positive that dog crates are nothing more than jails and horrible places to put their dogs.  They even get mad if you bring up the subject of crates.

So, what is the “real deal”.  Do dog crates get a thumbs up or do they take a thumbs down?  First of all, we need to understand that the crate is nothing more than a tool.  Like any tools, they can be used properly and do good things.  They can be used improperly and do bad things or even break things.

The crate can only be used for positive things.  Anything that can provide a constructive and understandable teaching moment are great uses for crates.  Things like potty training where we can use the crate for consistency and encouraging natural instincts is a great use of the crate.  Using the crate in situations where we will enhance our dog’s feeling of safety and security are also great uses of the dog crate.

The misconception that the crate is “bad” is often developed out of our (human) fear of being contained in a controlled place.  We often call this “jail”.  From a “human point of view”, this would be a natural reaction to the crate.  But, we need to understand that this exercise is based on determining the crate’s relevance from our dog’s point of view.  Dog’s often consider the crate as their den, their happy place, and the safest place on earth.

So, what are some tips that we can share regarding our dog and their dog crate?  Robin and I have some great suggestions that will help you effectively use the crate as a great learning and safety tool.  Please read our dog training article titled “What Are Some Great Crate Training Tips”.

Dog crates are great dog training tools.