Many of us have a are positive that we have a wonderful and well behaved dog because he is great around the house, doesn’t tear things up, and normally comes to us when we call.  We even take him out on walks around the neighborhood when things are quiet, and he normally isn’t pulling on the leash.  And, for most instances, this is a wonderful dog for us.  There is nothing wrong with that.

But, now let’s say that our lifestyle changes.  We move to a neighborhood where that are a lot more people or decide we want to spend more time in crowded places.  This is perfectly natural and there is nothing wrong with this.  We understand what is going on and can easily adjust.

The problem is that, sometimes, our dog can’t easily adjust to the new, more crowded surroundings and will inappropriately act out.  This is normally displayed with our dog misbehaving and become excited when walking in crowds and crowded places.  We have some great training tips to help you prepare for this situation.  Please read our dog training article on “Walking Your Dog in a Crowd”.

Learn how to properly walk your dog in a crowd through great dog training and respectful focus