Many of our dog training clients ask us this question as we get to the “dog walking” part of our training program.  Our first response is to ask them to walk the dog themselves and we simply stand back and observe.  One family member often walks the dog on one side and another walks the dog on another side. Sometimes they actually switch sides in “mid walk”.

We normally observe that the dog is completely confused and keeps “swerving” back and forth from the left side to the right side of the client.  He will often go behind the client.  None of these actions demonstrate obedient, safe, and calm “walkies”.

The answer that we provide our clients and the training methods that we teach them and their dog is all based on the natural way the dog wants to learn.  It is all based on consistency, leadership, and staying calm.  The “spoiler alert” is that none of these things are based on “which side”.  Left side or right side; it doesn’t necessarily matter.  Please read our dog training article titled “Should My Dog Walk on the Left or Right Side” to discover the really simple answer.

It isn't important which side you pick to walk your dog