We all love to walk our dogs and often take them for walks around the neighborhood.  Most of the time, the neighborhood is relatively quiet, and the sights and sounds are familiar and safe for both you and your dog.  Your dog seems to be happy and you can easily get his focus if you want him to do something.

Something very different can happen if you decide to take your dog to a public, crowded place.  You have now introduced an environment where there can be very strange, loud sounds, unfamiliar people and dogs, and possible close-quarter actions.  All of these things could, naturally, make your dog uneasy.

“Uneasy” is really a very minimal way to describe what is probably going through your dog’s head.  He is thrown into a completely foreign environment with unknown sights and sounds and actions that can easily be taken as hostile.  Walking or being calm is now the lowest on his list of things to do.

You need to socialize and properly train your dog in such a way that he will no longer be fearful in such a situation.  Although you can never take into account every “life situation”, you can set the scene to that he will understand that he is safe.

Robin and I have a great dog training article that will easily teach you what you need to do.  Please check out our dog training blog and our article titled “How Do I Walk My Dog in a Crowded Place”.

You must prepare your dog to understand that he is safe with you in public