Many dog owners love walking their dogs and they often walk their dogs without a leash.  In the right situation, walking your dog without a leash may be just fine.  Robin and I, as professional dog trainers, need to deal with safety the safety of any situation between a dog, their family, and the community.

It only takes one time where a dog becomes adrenalized by a squirrel squeaking in a tree limb across the street.  No matter how much training the dog owner may have done with their dog, that one moment may be the time where it all goes out the window for s split second.  That split second may be the moment when the dog is encouraged to “go for the squirrel”.  The dog runs out into the street to go for the squirrel and directly into danger.

Even worse than having the dog in danger, there may be a small child playing with the dog at that moment.  The small child may follow the dog into the street.  These are both situations that we can not allow to happen.  Because of the spontaneity and uniqueness of the event, there is never a way that simple training can ever assure it would not happen.

Robin and I have a great article discussing “Walking Your Dog without a Leash” that will go into more detail on this subject and the need for overall safety.  Please take a look at this article to avoid a possible tragedy and assure a safe and happy relationship with your dog.

You must always keep your dog safe at all times in all places. When you are out, you need to do this with a leash