It is very important that you take your dog to the Vet at least once a year to make sure he is healthy and strong. The reason that it is important is because we often miss little warning signs impacting our dog’s health because we think “Oh, that’s is the way he always is…”.

I am sure that we don’t need to be doctors of veterinarians to agree with the statement that it is far easier to catch a problem when it is small or about to happen instead of waiting until you are in an emergency situation.  On another note, it is also a lot less expensive to fix a problem when it is small.

In this dog training and safety blog, Robin and I discuss how to prepare and transport your dog to the Veterinary Hospital for his checkup.  There are right ways and wrong ways; and the right way is just as easy as the wrong way.

Once you are at the Veterinary Hospital, it can be a very strange and scary time for your dog.  The waiting room can be very daunting for you and your dog.  Again, there are some very simple steps you can take to make sure that everything is fine.  Please take a moment to learn more by reading our dog training blog titled “How Can I Be Sure My Dog Will Be Safe at the Vet Hospital (Part 1).”  You will notice that this is Part 1. There  is even more great information to come!

Keep your dog safe at the Vet Hospital