Having a crazy dog in public is never fun.  At least when we are in normal “public places”, we can simply go home.  The same can not be said when we take our dog to the Veterinarian Hospital.

There we are, stuck in the Waiting Room that is always filled to the brim with other nervous dogs and fidgety dog owners.  Our dog starts to bark or another dog barks at them and then things start to “get interesting”.  Sometimes it is next to impossible to get them from the Waiting Room to the Examining Room.

We need to understand that our dog is just not happy there.  We need to figure out why he feels that way and then come up with a plan to make that “unhappiness” go away so that we can turn that “doggie frown” upside-down.  The answer is not to fill him up with “doggie downers” before you go.  If you are taking him there to be examined, having him drugged won’t allow the Vet to properly complete his job.

The absolutely excellent news is that Robin and I have a great dog training/socialization process that has corrected bad dog behavior in Vet Hospitals.  We have used it with our clients for years and it is always a great success.  Please have a great Vet visit with your dog by reading “How Do I Keep My Dog Calm at the Veterinarian Hospital”.  You will be really glad you did!

Some dogs do not feel safe at the Vet hospital. You need to change that through a proper socialization process.