The “Stay Command” is one of the core obedience exercises that we teach all our clients.  They are “Come”, “Sit”, “Stay”, and “Walk”.  The one difference with the “Stay” command is that it has a prerequisite that the dog needs to have accomplished before it can be successfully taught.  This would be the same for us knowing how to do arithmetic before we could understand algebra.

Like all obedience commands, safety plays a very large role in their successful implementation.  If you are having someone come in the front door, you want your dog to stay in one place to allow them in.  If you are walking and you stop at the street corner, you want your dog to stay so that he doesn’t run into the street.  You don’t want your dog to run down the street and get hit by a car so you want him to stay on the porch.

The mistake that most people make in trying to teach their dog to stay is that they don’t take “baby steps” to allow their dog to understand what they really want.  Like all commands, obtaining and controlling your dog’s focus is key to all levels of success.  Please read our great dog training article on “Training Your Dog to Stay” to find our step-by-step instructions to successfully have your dog Stay.

The stay command can be taught to your dog if you take it slow