Robin and I often go to clients and get them all set up to have wonderfully trained and behaved dogs.  Their dog will perform all of their obedience exercises and will show that they can be well behaved as well.  Even though they are great now, we have to remember the old saying “Practice makes perfect”.

We need to understand that our dogs, like us, or at lease myself, are creatures of habit.  The more we do the same thing, the more we will perfect or repeat the action.  In the same way that we practiced our times tables, we need to work with our dogs.

Robin and I have a great and simple article that will help explain the question that almost every one of our clients have asked over the years.  At the end of the lesson, they always ask “How often should I train with my dog?”  Guess what, we have created an article that explains just that.  And, what a coincidence that we have appropriately named it “How Often Should I Train with My Dog”.

You must practice with your dog to maintain their training