Many of us have more than one dog.  Robin and I have 5 dogs and, yesterday, that almost went to 6 dogs.  With multiple dogs, dog owners often run into the problem of wondering if their dogs are just playing or if they are fighting.  They often see their dogs nipping or jumping on each other.  They will hear them barking and growling and chasing each other.

Having lived with multiple dogs for many years, Robin and I can truthfully attest that most of these actions are natural things dogs to when they play.  Dogs use their play time to not only get out all of that crazy adrenaline, but also to practice their social skills of dominance and communication.  That is when we often see them do things that we might consider “fighting”.

The trick for us (humans) is to understand if our dogs are just playing or if something went wrong and they are now fighting.  If the latter is the case, we will need to step in and defuse the situation.  Sometimes it is very difficult to tell one situation from the other.

The great news is that Robin and I have a great dog training article regarding When Dogs Play Rough that will give you some great tips to delineate “play from fight”.  Please check out our article and keep your dogs safe and correctly playful in the back yard.

Get appropriate family dog training when dogs play too rough.