Puppies are a wonderful addition to the family.  They are cute, cuddly, and always playful.  They are always excited to see us and always want to be in our laps or wanting us to play with them.  This is the normal state of affairs with puppies because of their natural need for companionship and the want to belong to a group.

The one thing that we have to understand is that we were not our puppy’s “first family”.  His first family was made up of a doggie Mommy and doggie brothers and sisters.  The environment may have been different than the one we are currently offering them.

Where most puppies want to follow us around because close proximity to us reinforces their need for safety and belonging, that is not always the case.  Every puppy is different and their perception of their placement into the world can be different.  They may not want to follow us around.  They may feel safer and happier by “just staying put” in a location of their choosing.

It is important that you build up the bond between you and your puppy so that they feel safe, secure, and part of “the group”.  This is the same feeling that they felt from birth with “their first family”.  This is very important and the subject of many other of my dog training articles.  What I want to discuss today is teaching (encouraging) your puppy to follow you around.

Training can always be compartmentalized into specific categories.  The “teaching to do something” falls into the obedience category and is based  on specific “learning modules”. You need to teach your puppy a set of obedience commands that will have the end result of his following you around.

Robin and I have a great dog training article that goes over all of this. Please take a look at our article titled “How Do I Train My Puppy to Follow Me Around the House”.

Puppy with You