Many dog owners are very passionate about their dogs and have done a very good job in their training.  The dog is well behaved and a joy to be around when there are guests in the home or when they are out in public.  The one thing that many of these dog owners ask themselves is “Is this enough? Do they need to do more for their dogs?”

The answer is “Yes”.  We just don’t send our kids to school and do nothing for them the rest of the day.  There are many things besides education that makes for a well rounded and self-fulfilled dog (and kid).  Life lessons, health, nutrition, socialization, appearance, and many other things are the building blocks that, in addition to education, make up how our dogs (and we) deal with life on planet Earth.

Robin and I have put together a few tips and suggestions that will help you have a more well-rounded dog.  Please take a look at our dog behavior article on “What Are Some Good Things I Should Be Doing for My Dog” to learn more.  We think you will be happy that you did.

Teach your dog to stay