If you are like us, you love your dogs and you want to have them share as much of your life as possible.  Part of our life is traveling from one place to the next in our cars.  That means that we will have our “normally well behaved” dogs with us in the car.

While at home, we have figured out what things may cause our dogs to misbehave and specific circumstances that may make them a little crazy.  Over time, we have eliminated those things in order to make life better for the entire family.  We need to do that when we are in the car too.

Our dogs are very similar, but still different from us regarding their social interaction and possible reactions.  We need to understand what is going on through “their canine heads” when in the car.  Things as simple as where they are seated, how they are constrained, and the things going on outside the car can send a very different signal to them than us.  We have a great dog training and safety article on “Tips for a Great Car Ride with you Dog” so that your car ride will be great for everyone.

Properly prepare your dog for a safe and happy car ride