As great and loving dog owners, we all understand the importance of providing a safe and loving environment for our dog.  We do this with our children, and it is just as important to provide our dog the same experience.

When we go on trips, we take extra care to make sure that we are keeping our children safe and that they always know that we are around when we need them (Parents with teenagers may not agree…).  We can see that our kids are happier, and the trip is just that more enjoyable for all.

So, what is the deal when it comes to our canine children? We take them on trips and, for some reason, just assume that everything will be fine.  For some reason, we think that “they will understand” that things are different, and they will naturally adapt.

Dogs, much like us, learn through repetition, association, and consistency.  If we give them “a whole new problem to solve” without any direction or information, how should believe that they will come to the right conclusion?  The answer is that they will become confused, often frustrated, and sometimes fearful.

Going to our relatives on Thanksgiving without providing them a consistent and safe environment to allow them to “learn Uncle Bob’s place” is a recipe for cold turkey and burnt biscuits.  The great news is that it doesn’t take much effort on your part to make everything great for everybody.  Robin and I have a dog training article that explains all of this. Please read our blog titled “How Do I Prepare My Dog for Our Thanksgiving Trip”.

Thanksgiving safety for your dog