Going on a family trip over Thanksgiving or Christmas is never on the “Top Ten Things I Want to Do” list.  Adding that the trip is a road trip and that you will have your family dog with you in the car and at your relatives and in the car coming back makes it even just that more special.  You love your dog at home, what is the problem with a road trip and at the relatives?

As with any new experiences, you are not sure how your dog will react.  You can resolve your fears is you prepare your dog for the trip and experience at your relatives.  Practicing “road trips” before you actually start out on your long journey will help you proactively resolve issues and make the actual trip a happy and safe time for all.

Robin and I have created a great training article that provides simple steps to make your road trip to and from your relatives a great time for the entire family.  We also provide a process to help you and everyone at your relatives’ house to help your dog feel safe and happy.  Having a fun and joyous dog with you during the Holidays can be a great thing. Please read our article titled “How Will My Dog, My Family, and I Survive our Thanksgiving Trip Home” to learn more.

Holiday road trips can be hard even without your dog. Make sure you and your dog are ready for the holiday road trip to your parents