One dog training mistake that many people make when training their dog is to not provide a complete and repeatable lesson plan for their dog.  They think that if their dog comes to them every once in a while, their dog knows how to some.  Is that really coming or simply a lucky coincidence?

All dogs learn through slow and consistent repetition.  For all of you that can instantly answer the math problem “What is seven times eight?” without the use of the calculator on your phone; you understand the concept. We learned our times tables by practicing the same thing over and over again.  We started with the “easy numbers” like “one times” or “ten times” and worked our way to the harder numbers like “seven times” or “eight times”.

We need to build a dog training lesson plan that encompasses everything from our dog not having a clue of how to come to us to the point where he will come to us the moment we issue the command.  This takes a little work on our part, but we will always succeed if we follow this process.

Robin and I have created a great dog training article that will explain all of this for you. Please check out or dog trainer blog article titled “How Can I Easily Teach My Dog to Come All the Time”.

Teach your dog to come to you every time