One of the biggest problems our clients talk to us about is getting their dog in from the back yard.  This would appear to be a simple “Come Command” where they are at the back door and their dog is somewhere in the yard.  The dog comes to them and that is that.

The problem arises because they are often engaging this command when they are in a rush and are overly excited.  They may have done a little work on the command in their living room and it seemed to work most of the time.

Now that it is “game time” and their dog is at the far corner of the yard sniffing out a squirrel or searching for their lost bone and they are late for a meeting; the stakes are much higher.  You know what happens next; their dog ignores them, and things get ugly.  This doesn’t have to happen if you read our article titled “How do I have My Dog Come to Me in the Back Yard?”.  We will tell you our little secret that always works.

Make sure your dog will come to you when you are in the back yard