We see our friends’ dogs or dogs on TV playing all sorts of games with their masters, so we naturally think our dog should do the same thing.  When we give them a command to “play a doggie game” with us and they don’t do it, we get frustrated and mad.

There are some “doggie games” that we like to play with our dogs that our dogs naturally know because they were “puppy games” they played with their siblings.  These games were based on social structure and dominance positioning.  They helped them understand how to function and react.

There are a lot of “doggie games” that humans “just made up”.  We never send our dog the memo saying they had to play those games and didn’t tweet a link to a video that would explain what to do.

When our dog doesn’t understand how to “play a game” like “Fetch”, we need to progressively teach him in a positive and repetitive way. Please understand how to teach your dog to play a game such as “Fetch” by reading our dog training article titled “How Do I Teach My Dog to Play Fetch”.

Your dog doesn't naturally understand how to play "fetch". You need to teach him the game.