When it comes to dogs, we often think that they just know things and understand what they have to do.  Maybe this is because we have seen our neighbors with well-behaved dogs or watched dogs on TV do really great things.

We think that, when we get a dog, they will just “know stuff”.  We often think that if we put a leash on them, they know that they will have to walk with us, not pull on the leash, and behave around others.  We, of course, think this is what will happen.  When this doesn’t happen, we often have no idea what to do.

What makes matters worse is when our dog is afraid of walking.  He may even be afraid of the sight of a leash or a collar or a harness.  He may start to go nuts and misbehave before we can even get him ready for a walk.

Simply forcing our dog to walk by pulling him down the street is never the answer.  At best, he may begrudgingly follow us.  But he will remain fearful and may even become frightened when he is near us.

As a good teacher, you will need to understand your dog’s short comings and incorporate them into a proper training program.  Robin and I have a great dog training blog that you should read. Please have a look at our dog training article titled “How do I Teach My Fearful Dog to Walk on a Leash”.

How do I get my fearful dog to walk on a leash