For some reason we think that if we just start talking to our dog, he will understand exactly what we are saying.  This may be caused by our watching too many Skooby-Doo cartoons when we were younger.  The kids would just talk to Skooby and he would talk right back to them.  Let’s take a reality check right now.  Have you ever had your dog look at you, open his mouth, and say “Master, I believe I need to go to the bathroom.  Will you please open the door for me?”.  I think (hope) not.

Dogs have an excellent communication process that is very similar to ours.  The big difference is that they communicate in a more direct and simpler method.  We need to understand how they communicate in order to allow us to “talk to them”.

The great news is that we already understand their process of communication.  We just make things far too complicated when we communicate.  Once we remove all the “human”, foolish distractions from our communication, they will easily understand us.  We have a great article that will tell you exactly what to do.  Please check out our article titled “How Do Dogs Talk” and start your conversation today.

Learn how to talk with your dog