We all go to restaurants and see those great and well-behaved dogs sitting quietly at the foot of the chair of a patron across the patio.  Waiters pass by, cars honk their horns, people are talking at the other tables, and the dog is perfectly calm and well behaved.  Don’t you wish that could be your dog?

Most people simply think that their dog could never be as good as the dog they are observing.  They don’t understand that the other dog probably always not well behaved when out in public.  That dog had to be socialized to what was going on around him so that he could feel safe and confident.  That entire process is established through appropriate socialization training between the dog owner and the dog in a specific situation.  Since the dog is great at the restaurant, the owner has socialized his dog to the surroundings and encounters at the restaurant.

You can do this to if you only knew what to do.  Don’t worry because Robin and I have created a great training program for you to socialize your dog at a restaurant. Please take a moment and read our dog training article on “How Can I Train my Dog to be Good at a Restaurant”.

Learn how to properly train your dog so you can go and have a great time at your favorite neighborhood restaurant