It is so exciting when you bring home your new little puppy and expect to have a wonderful experience.  Then, about 1AM in the morning you start hearing whining, scratching, whelping, and barking.  You think something is wrong and you run over to your puppy to find that he is waiting to see you.  He gives you licks and jumps and walks around the room for a minute or two.  You think everything is great and you settle back in bed.  Then, twenty minutes later; the same thing.

Puppies often bark and whine at night, but constantly going to them does not resolve the issue.  Most of the time they do not have to go potty.  Most of the time they simply want to see if they can get you to come to them and play with them.  Guess what?  You normally do just that.

Simply ignoring your puppy may eventually get him to be quiet and go to bed.  This course of action may cost you many, many hours of sleep.  There is no single solution to “new puppy barking at night” issues, but there are some things you can do to mitigate and minimize problem.

Robin and I would like to share two simple ideas with you that work on proactively addressing “your sleepless nights”.  Please look over our article titled “How Do I Stop My Puppy from Waking Me Up at Night” to learn our simple steps.  You, and probably your entire family will be glad you did!

Learn some great tips to stop your puppy from barking at night