It is always a lot of fun to play with our dogs in the back yard.  We love to throw the ball, play hide and go seek, and just spend quality time with them.  Sometimes we will let them out just to “be themselves” and have some “alone doggie time”.  This is great for them too.

Having our dogs in the back yard is fine as long as they are still obeying themselves and not bugging you and your neighbors.  When there are dogs or other distractions on the other side of the backyard fence, our dogs sometimes do something very, very annoying.

They will run up and down the fence line, barking at the fence and sometimes leaping up to try and see what is on the other side.  This will go on and on and often seems like our dog is finding a way to bark louder and louder.  When we come outside to try and stop this ruckus, we never get our dog’s attention. Whatever we do or try, we can’t catch him.  The more we try and get the situation under control, the more out of control is seems to become.

We have a great training program that will teach you how to easily manage your dog’s “fence running” and always get his respectful focus whenever you want.  Please check out our dog training article on “Stop Your Dog from Running Up and Down the Fence” and start having a fun time in the backyard with your dog.

Having your dog always run up and down the back fence barking is always a problem. Bruce and Robin from North Georgia Dog Training can fix that