It is just so annoying when you are trying to have a meal at the table and you have a barking dog at the base of your chair, nudging your leg, or trying to jump in your lap.  As soon as you get up to get something from the kitchen, your dog is on the table going after your sandwich.

You yell at your dog and push him away, but he keeps coming back.  The problem is that you are not addressing the real problem and setting the scene to correct the annoying action once and for all.  You need to understand that your actions, not only during meal time, are signaling your dog that it is OK to go after the food on the table.

You need to address your general actions to establish your wishes to stay away from the food on the table.  We have a great dog training article to “Stop Your Dog from Begging at the Table” that can fix this continuing problem in just a few days.  Please take a look at our dog training article today and start enjoying your meal time very, very soon.

Stop your dog from begging at the table