Many dog owners face the very difficult problem of walking downstairs in the morning to find that their dog had completely destroyed the dog bed in their crate.  They may get mad at the dog, but that really doesn’t help.  Their dog may have destroyed the bed hours ago and would have no idea why their owner was so mad.

Most owners simply clean up the mess and go out and buy a new dog bed.  They cross their fingers and really, really hope that their dog doesn’t destroy the new one they just brought home from the pet store.  Well, that scenario normally ends up with another torn up dog bed.

This appears to be a never-ending problem that most dog owners hope will just magically fix itself.  We all know that this will probably not be the case. The good news is that Robin and I have an article, based on our many years of experience, that definitively resolves this issue.  Please read our article titled “How Do I Stop My Dog from Destroying His Dog Bed” to learn the answer. The answer always works and is really simple.

Stop your dog from destroying his bed in the dog crate