It is amazing how well behaved our dog may be when we are putting food out at the dining room table.  He is nice and calm, and we think everything is great.  Then we need to leave the room for just a second to get something.  We return to missing food.

Dogs stealing food from the table is normally a bigger problem with larger dogs because they can actually get to the food on the table.  That is where the problem actually begins.  When we set the scene to allow them to get the food, several scenarios have the ability to take place.

Depending on the actions that immediately follow our placement of the food on the table, different signals are sent to our dog, and different responses will be required by us.  The bottom line of our immediate actions stems from our dog’s reliance on us as their care giver, leader, and protector.  We are the boss and they should not take stuff off the boss’s desk.  As the boss, we also dole out their pay (or food).

The problem arises depending how our dog interprets our actions regarding the food.  Is it our food or are we giving it to them?  These are all based on actions that “set the scene” and the relationship that we have previously built up with our dog.

So, it all comes down to making sure our dog does not take food that is not his.  We have the ability to successfully establish this rule if we remember some simple canine principles. (The funny point here is that these principles closely resemble “office politics”.  Robin and I have a great dog training article that helps you through this problem. Please check out our blog titled “How Do I Stop My Dog from Stealing Food from The Table”.

Do not let your dog steal food from the table