I know that it is just me, but I have no problem being “greeted” at the front door by an exuberant and somewhat crazy dog.  That is because I can quickly read their body language and determine their true intentions.  This is not true with almost all the rest of the people coming through your front door.

When the front door opens and you are confronted with a dog (big or small) barking and running at you, you normally opt for the worst-case scenario that you are about to be bitten.  This is almost never the case, but it still is not the greeting that you, as the homeowner, friend, and host, want to deliver to your guest.

So, as a responsible dog owner, you want to properly train your dog to be fine with people and not to go nuts every time they come in the house or even just around you.  The obvious answer would be to practice with friends when they come over through socialization and repetitive behavior redirection exercises.  Easy-peasy.

But, what if you don’t have a lot of friends or guests over to your home?  You have no “Guiney Pigs” for your dog’s “classroom show-and-tell”.  How can you teach your dog something when you can’t give him the proper textbook?

Teaching your dog to be fine and not go crazy with other people is a socialization technique that does not need to be done specifically in the home.  As long as the proper stimuli are present for teaching, the appropriate lesson can be learned.  Robin and I have a great dog training article that will walk you through the process.  Please check out our dog training blog titled “How Do I Socialize My Dog When I Don’t Have Many Visitors”.

How do I socialize my dog witn I don't have visitors