Having multiple dogs in your family can be a wonderful thing for everyone.  With multiple dogs in the family comes additional things, as a dog owner, you need to understand.  You will always be the leader, best friend, and protector of all your dogs and they will willingly accept that.  When there is only one dog in the family, the family hierarchy is very simple.  You are the boss and they are not.  Adding multiple dogs to the mix creates a new dynamic.

Your multiple dogs will decide among each other how they rank.  This does not involve you, only them.  They will figure out which dog is “higher on the food chain” than the next.  They will all accept this and still respect you as their overall leader.

If you start to perform actions that upset their sense of relationship hierarchy among each other, that can cause issues.  This can cause bad behavior and even aggressive actions.  This is normally known as “Sibling Rivalry”.  Please read our article “What Causes Sibling Rivalry in Your Dogs and How to Fix the Problem” and fix your problem or make sure it doesn’t happen.

Sibling Rivalry is caused by your dogs being confused regarding you you are treating them