Christmas Day is normally a wonderful time for all of us.  Family and friends are at our side and it is just a happy, joyous, and exciting day.  One of the great parts of Christmas Day is gathering around the Christmas Tree and opening all those great presents.

But, what about our family dog? Shouldn’t he be there too?

Like most families filled with dogs and dog lovers, our dogs are always with us all the time.  We can normally find the time to watch and manage them even when we are really busy doing our family stuff.  Christmas poses an especially large problem because of the large numbers of family and guests in the house and the crazy distractions taking place everywhere.

We usually have a hard time enjoying the Holiday and making sure our dog stays behaved and safe.  We can either find a place to have him away from all the Christmas present festivities or figure out a way that he can remain.  Robin and I have a great dog training article that explains your options and how to successfully implement whatever you decide.  Please check out our dog training article titled “Should Our Dog Be with Us Under the Tree on Christmas Day”.

Should your dog be with you under the Christmas Tree when you are opening presents?