When it comes to crates and dogs, there are two, distinct camps of dog owners.  Many dog owners think it is mean and even inhuman to put their dog in a crate.  They often believe this because they think of a crate as a jail.  It has bars and many people mistakenly use them as overt forms of punishment.

Robin and I, on the other hand, love to use the crate with our dogs.  Our dogs love their crates and enjoy spending time in them.  This is because we properly trained them that the crate was a safe and happy place from the first time they ever saw their crates.  We simply transferred the extension of the dog’s “my den is safe” to “my crate is safe”.  This is something that dogs naturally feel and instinctively need.  We simply guided them in the right direction.

Make the crate a great place for your dog and you will be amazed at their improved disposition and focus on your commands.  Things will also become a lot easier for you when you need to properly manage them if you are gone or busy and not able to watch them.  Please check out our article on ”Should My Dog Like His Crate?” and you will see wonderful results.

The crate is a safe place for your dog so it is important that he likes his crate