For most dog owners, the hardest thing they will have to do with their dog is to Toilet Train them.  Toilet Training offers a unique teaching problem.  If your dog doesn’t come to you or won’t sit, their immediate lack of ability to perform these functions, although annoying, is not a large dilemma.  If your dog or puppy is pooping and weeing all over the house, the problem is now.  You need to fix the problem right now.

Having poop and wee-wee all over your house can be very maddening and creates a great deal of anxiety regarding the proper solution.  What is the quick fix?  What is going on?  Let’s just do something!

The mistake that most dog owners make regarding Toilet Training is that there is no “one size fits all” solution to have their dog or puppy stop making accidents in the house.  There are multiple issues that need to be analyzed and weighed to determine the best solution.

I use the term “Toilet Training” when I want to discuss a dog’s going to the bathroom because there is more than one solution to the problem.  The issue is that these two solutions involve very different teaching methods.  Picking the correct solution will easily solve your problem and picking the wrong solution can make matters even worse.

Robin and I have a great Toilet Training article that helps you pick the Toilet Training solution that will be best for you and your dog.  Please take a moment to read our article titled “Should I Train My Dog on Wee-Wee Pads or Take Him Outside to Potty”.

Should you toilet train your dog on Wee-Wee Pads or to Potty Outside?