There is always an ongoing debate if training your dog yourself or sending your dog to a Canine Board and Train facility for a few weeks is the best.  Each seem the same because the “hopeful and assumed” end result of each process is having a well-trained family dog.

We can look at this question in many ways.  The first way is to assume that “if it costs more, it must be better”.  I can guarantee you that Board and Train programs are always far more expensive than in home training. So, Board and Train programs are better, right?

Besides that, my dog is immersed in learning all the right stuff while being directed and guided by a staff of qualified, professional dog trainers.  Day in and day out he is focused on obedience.  When he leaves the Board and Train facility and comes home, he is going to be perfect, right?

In many respects, this could build a strong case for Canine Board and Train Facilities.  Board and Train Facilities and their trainers can easily achieve the proper mechanics of obedience and appropriate behavior for your dog.  What they can not achieve is the continuance of your dog’s good behavior and obedience.

So, what’s missing? If you can’t get that from a Board and Train program, can you get it from an In-Home Training program?  Robin and I have a great blog that will dig down into the core requirements of training your dog.  Please check out our dog training blog titled” Should I Train My Dog Myself or Send Him to a Board and Train”.

Board and Train your dog or have In-Home Dog Training