Sometimes there are dogs that just don’t listen to the normal tools that are used in standard behavioral dog training.  Sometimes the dog owner just doesn’t have the ability to use the standard tools effectively.  Be bottom line is that the training process is stalled because the owner can not get his dog’s attention to start the learning process.

When this situation arises, we sometimes suggest the E-Collar as a tool to get the dog’s focus.  We only suggest this with the stipulation that the dog can never show any signs of fear or pain when the E-Collar is being used.  When used properly and when used in the correct situation, the E-Collar can be a magnificent tool in gaining the dog’s respectful focus and willingness to learn and obey.

Robin and I have a great article that explains if the E-Collar should be used and the process behind the E-Collar’s proper use.  Please read our article titled “If Nothing Else Works, Should I Consider Using an E-Collar to Train My Dog” to learn more.

Should You Use the E-Collar?