One of the most difficult behaviors to address in dog training is Separation Anxiety.  This is because your dog will display this behavior when you are not present.  The root cause of this behavior are unfortunate situations your dog has experienced in the past; often before you even owned your dog.

Even though this is one of the most difficult dog behaviors to correct, it is still one that you can completely resolve.  Since you will probably never know the underlying cause of the separation anxiety, you should not try and guess the cause and blindly train on pure hypothesis.

The best way to address your dog’s separation anxiety is to focus on the current actions that are causing the inappropriate behavior.  The biggest action is the fact that you are there one moment and gone the next.  You need to break this action into a long list of smaller and shorter moments that create a timeline of the happy time when you are there with your dog and the sad time when your dog is there all by himself.

Robin and I have a great article titled “What Are Some Tips to Help with My Dog’s Separation Anxiety” that starts to break the process down for you.  Resolving separation anxiety is attainable, it just requires patience, repetition, consistency, and a little bit of hard work.

Learn some of the dog training steps ro resolve your dog's separation anxiety