One of the more complicated issues to resolve when it comes to your dog’s misbehavior is the problem of separation anxiety.  The problem is that it can take many physical forms.  Many times those actions that you would assume are caused by separation anxiety are actually triggered by other physical or interactive issues.

The first thing that you need to understand that separation anxiety is causes by events and relationships that began far before you may see the first indication of the problem.  It is important to understand that if your dog’s bad behavior is caused by separation anxiety, your corrective measures will be different than if you were only dealing with a misbehaving dog chewing something or barking all day.

Robin and I have always stated that the most important part of any human-canine relationship is the bond, structure, trust, and consistency that you and your dog establish.  What is the pecking order and what are the rules help create a safe environment for your dog.  These are the base objectives that must be established when beginning to deal with separation anxiety.

As you can see, the proper identification of your dog’s problem may result in very different courses of action in creating a happy and well-behaved dog.  Robin and I have a great dog training article that lays out the environment you need to create and provides examples of actions you must take in helping your dog through separation anxiety.

Please read our article titled “What Are Some Tips for My Dog’s Separation Anxiety”.  Also remember that all that barking may only be caused by the mail man coming to the door or the school bus letting all the neighborhood kids out right in front of your house.

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